Check the token developer to avoid rugs!

More than 70% of new projects are scams. You can check the token developer with using our tool to avoid scams. Our system checks the token developer and generates a human readable report.


What is SafuDev?

SafuDev is a new tool to get information about token developers. We designed our system to detect scammer developers and keep you away from rugs.

Our tool automatically detects token developer and contract deployer. It makes some automatic checks about these addresses.
SafuDev detects and lists all tokens created by the contract deployer. In this way, you can see if there is an old scam project.
Our utility token ($SDEV) holders can leave review about the developer and vote the trustability.

How can I avoid scams?

Unfortunately, there are many scam tokens on Binance Smart Chain. You must do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. You can use the following steps in your research process:

Honeypot scan:

Honeypot is a famous scam method. You should scan the token with tool.

Developer safety scan:

Some token developers scam people with new coins every day. You can check the developer with our tool.

Locked liquidity scan:

Unlocked liquidity is a big risk for cryptocurrencies. You can use tool to check locked liquidity.


What is SafuDev Token?

SDEV (or $SDEV) is the main utility token of SafuDev app. SDEV holders have some benefits when they use the scanner tool.

They can share their opinions and vote for the trustability of the developer.

They can view more detailed analysis of token developer.

More advantages will be added in the future.

Please click button to get information about the token.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the anwers of frequently asked questions in this section. If you have more questions about the project, feel free to contact us anytime from Telegram.

Yes, our developer scanner tool is working at the moment. You can any token with using our tool.
You don't need to pay to use our scanner tool. But you need to hold some tokens in your wallet to use some functions.
Please join to our Telegram group and mention an admin. We'll fix the problem as soon as possible.
We directly fetch the information from Binance Smart Chain network and show you. But always you should check it manually.

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